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Sepia Cinderella is a dramatic 1947 musical film directed by Arthur Leonard, starring singers Billy Daniels and Sheila Guyse. The film tells the story of a how a local musician handles his sudden and unexpected rise to fame.

Barbara is in love with Bob, however, Bob he is completely oblivious to this fact. Early in the film, Barbara helps Bob write a song, titled “Cinderella”, which became a popular hit. Bob, unable to cope with this meteoric success left behind his life, his friends, and his bestie Barbara.

Instead, he innocently became linked with the owner of the Swan Club, the unscrupulous Tondaleyo. The two had an affair although Tondaleyo was already engaged. She essentially used Bob because of his success for her own schemes.

A fun fact about this film is that it is actually the film debut for actor Sidney Poitier, as an uncredited extra. Want to find out what happens next? Watch Sepia Cinderella on Black Reflections TV and get the whole story.

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